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PSS uses a TOTAL SYSTEM APPROACH to provide complete solutions tailored to a client′s specific needs. PSS specializes in the design, installation, implementation and maintenance of a full range of Integrated Security Systems, Access Control, Alarm Systems and Monitoring, CCTV, LAN ⁄ WAN, Computers, Intercom and Digital Video Surveillance Systems (DVR).

PSS can provide a complete communication network throughout your home or business that can be easily integrated with Access Control and video surveillance systems. Have greater control over your security system with Access Control. Complete history logging; customized user-level access and complete remote access are only a few advantages of Access Control. PSS offers user-friendly software that does not require much training to use. Additionally, a well designed video surveillance system that provides a complete picture of the entire premises on a 24⁄7 basis. This may include infrared technology that can offer an exceptional picture during low light conditions. Whatever your security requirements may be for your home or business, PSS will customize your system for your exact needs.

ProSelectSecurity is licensed by the New York Department of State
as a security and fire alarm Installer- License # 12000290880