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Networking, Computers

PSS offers personalized attention to our customers; we can develop a simple way to see how your business runs without problems in the computer, and Networking areas.

Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience developing Hardware solutions with different equipment, brands, and technologies. We will be there to solve any issue after we set up or install any equipment, because we give a one-year warranty for our services on our installations and the products that we sell. We strive to outperform and deliver on our promises with every engagement. Our success is evidenced by the caliber of our clients and the enduring relationships we maintain with them.

Our information technology services include: computer networking, wireless networking, LAN design, network management, database management, also computer sales and technical support.
We also specialize in:

  • Computer Troubleshooting and Problem Solving - we can help with error messages, freezes, lock-ups, startup issues, hardware or software conflicts, changes in computer responses, or any other computer issues. We are experienced dealing with printers, scanners, monitors, memory, graphics cards, hard drives, CD-ROMs, CDRWs, DVDs, sound cards, digital cameras, modems, power supplies, networks, wireless networks, routers, firewalls.
  • System Backups⁄Recovery - we can take a one time or periodic backup of your computer files. We can restore files, directories, or the entire system after any problem - including viruses, power outages, hard disk crash, file corruption, operator error, or other reasons. We can also support file migration if you get a new computer.
  • Upgrades, Installation, and Configuration (Hardware and Software) - we install any hardware or software. We install and configure operating systems, applications, security patches, and upgrades.
  • Design, installation, and configuration of networks, including wireless - we will help you connect computers, share files, printers, or high-speed connections. We diagnose and correct configuration problems. We can upgrade expand, or install your network.
  • Performance and Tune-up Specialists - we help you get the most performance possible from your computer. We suggest periodic maintenance (frequency depends on your needs and requirements). We can also perform one-time tune-ups - which removes clutter, and improves performance.
  • Virus Detection and Removal (and Prevention) - we can identify and remove viruses or worms infecting you computer or network. We install and configure your anti-virus software to prevent future infections. We then suggest a backup (see above), in case of disaster.
  • Purchasing Support/Advice - we can recommend, purchase, install, and configure computer hardware or software to meet your needs.
  • Training - we teach you how to get the most from your computer. We can show you how to use applications, features, or peripherals (printers, scanners, cameras, sound systems).
  • Customer Services - if you need a service not described above, please let us know. We will let you know how we can help, or refer you to a more qualified source for those services we don't offer.

We only sell computers that have at least a one- year warranty and have a comprehensive technical support to cover all the problems you might encounter when you buy a computer, router, switchers, back ups, etc. Most of the brands we sell are HP and Dell.

Feel free to contact us to request your estimate in what products you need to fix, rebuild, build an existing LAN, or install a new one. WE will do all we can to show you how important the details are in technology.

ProSelectSecurity is licensed by the New York Department of State
as a security and fire alarm Installer- License # 12000290880