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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the warranty for equipment?
Depending on the brand, the warranty can be 1, 2, or 3 years.

2. Is there a warranty for services?
Yes, there is a one-year warranty on all services and equipment if installed by PSS.

3. Can I extend my service warranty after one year?
Yes, the service warranty can be extended.

4. What happens if the equipment breaks down before the end of the warranty period?
The customer will be charged for the equipment and shipping but not for the repair.

5. What happens if the equipment breaks down after the end of the warranty period?
The customer will pay for shipping, equipment repair, and re-installation.

6. Can I watch my video surveillance for my home or business on any computer over the Internet?
Yes, we can connect your video surveillance to the Internet, then you can monitor from any computer that has an Internet connection.

7. Is there an additional charge for video surveillance over the Internet?
No, there is no additional charge.

8. Can installations be after normal business hours?
Yes, it can be done so it does not disrupt business hours or on the weekends.

9. What happens if we want to add more cameras to the DVR after the work is finished?
They can be added if there is additional space left in the DVR or purchase an additional.

10. Can I use my existing CCTV system with PSS cameras?
Yes, but we will charge for the installation.

11. Can PSS move the position of the equipment associated with the Internet modem?
Yes, and there will be a separate charge.

12. Can PSS move the position of or make changes to the electrical service?
No. Because this is a customer responsibility. Electrical issue has to be handle by professional electricians.

13. How much time is recorded on the DVR?
Depends on the size of the hard drive in the DVR, also since a DVR is motion sensor activated, it depends on the amount of activity.
PSS can address your specific needs.

14. If I don′t have a land-line phone, am I still able to have central alarm monitoring?
Yes, we can provide different options using Internet and radio technology to connect you to the alarm-monitoring center.

15. What happens if the alarm goes off in my home or business?
The monitoring company will contact you and ask you for the password you provided. If you can not be contacted or can not provide the password, the police will be sent to the premises.

16. What are the advantages of intergrading Access Control?
Greater flexibility for your security system. Electronic keys are hard to duplicate and you never have to change a lock. If a technician or contractor needs entry, you can remotely “buzz in” from your central terminal. Customize user-level access down to individual doors and times. Have complete remote access control to your property.

17. Using Access Control, can I monitor who specifically has entered and left the premises?
Absolutely. You have complete history logging. A detailed daily, weekly or monthly report of exactly who and at what time that person has either entered or left the premises. With an Access Control system, every entry to your site is logged for later review. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating vandalism or theft, or for tracking response times or technical activities internally.

18. Does PSS do free estimates?
Yes, within a 20-mile radius, otherwise give us a call.

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