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Close Caption Television - CCTV

ProSelecSecurity (PSS) can help you meet the many challenges you face with security solutions designed to protect all aspects of your business or home. With a TOTAL SYSTEM APPROACH, you can integrate cameras, DVRs, Access Control and more, for a comprehensive security system that is easy to use and manage. PSS is committed to helping you secure your organization and finding new, cost-effective ways to scale and upgrade equipment as your needs change. Whether you′re securing a single store, multiple locations around the globe or your family′s home, PSS products and expertise are there to help you and make you feel confident in what we install for your security.


In 2008 PSS demonstrated unparalleled excellence through leadership, management, products and service. We are committed to serve our customers so you know that ″Security is not a luxury, it is a necessity″.

PSS offers a full line of sophisticated standard, day/night, Infrared, Wide angle, PTZ, vandal proof cameras. With a diversity of DVRs, PSS has the capability to adjust to different situations and budget needs, whether it is for business or home purposes. PSS digital and analog cameras offer advanced features, optical quality, and industry-standard connectivity. All these camera solutions are available in a variety of resolutions, brands and application configurations, with optional accessories to fit an array of environments.

Whether you are a corporate executive, security director, building facility manager, small business owner or a homeowner, security and life safety is your business. That is why PSS offers a breadth of brands to meet the widest range of needs and budgets. No matter what line of business you are in, PSS is the smart choice.

We carry a diversity of products in CCTV, the most popular brands we used are:

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