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Alarm systems

PSS Alarm systems solve problems by preventing them in the first place. Effective security enables companies and homes to address issues and minimize risks proactively. PSS provides alarm systems for single-family homes to the most advanced companies in New York.

Whether you choose our easy wireless traditional home security monitor system or the multi partition 64 zones alarms systems models, these brands provide the total coverage you need to safeguard your home and your business. Additionally, home and business security systems are designed to grow with you. Control your alarm system by coding using the patch panel (keypad), key fob or even from any touchtone phone anywhere in the world.

Every PSS home or business Security system is custom designed by our home security professionals to fit your needs, so security system installation pricing varies depending on size and the specific system features you choose. We also offer system monitoring for your home or business. This system consists of having your alarm system connected to a telephone line, which is also connected to a central station that will monitor your zones, (such as door contacts, smoke/heat sensors, fire and medical emergency buttons, panic /silence calls) and any other device you decide to connect to the alarm system for monitoring. You may even see your insurance rates decrease by as much as 20% if you provide your home or business with these monitoring services. PSS can lower the cost of Alarm Security by using wireless systems that can save installation time and money for your business or home budget. These wireless systems are 100% reliable. Wireless systems need battery replacement in the units every 2 to 4 years to maintain reliable functionality. If you don‘t have a land-line phone, don‘t worry; PSS can install a device that still makes it possible to connect to a central monitoring station. The ABN Broadband Adapter allows monitoring of the alarm security systems you had installed in your home or business site through your existing broadband Internet connection.

Digital Cellular Dialer (GSM) can be connected to almost any alarm security system to contact the monitoring company. Use this as a full time dialer, or simply as a back up if your phone line goes down. This universal dialer will connect to all existing security system panels, and requires no special programming. This dialer will transmit to any central monitoring station using the most popular signaling formats.

PSS alarm systems are stress tested to assure that the systems we install are of high quality and our customers can be confident of our product.

Some of the alarm systems we install and offer.

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