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Access Control System

PSS Access Control covers the full spectrum of security and detection systems solutions, from commercial to residential, Access Control of different brands can give you the ability to grant or revoke the right to access buildings, homes or any facilities in a single location or around the world- just from click of a keyword from your computer. Enhance your investment in Access Control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility′s visitor′s traffic.

Access Control can integrate a diversity of systems, providing a single user interface that integrates Access Control with video to create a more robust platform with increased functionality. Functions that have traditionally been tied together through physical relays and input devices are now controlled logically. This simplicity gives users greater control over their systems than they had using multiple software platforms and interfaces.

We offer diversity in brands in Access Control; these systems can go from a single door, multiples buildings to different countries and offices, just using one system over the LAN/WAN. With advanced software features, Access Control offers powerful software that controls timed activation, card numbers, elevator access controls.

Access Control has multiple card technologies and variable card formats can be used on the same System, like: Wiegand, magnetic stripe, and various proximity cards. With a complete database downloaded from the host to access requests in less than one-half second, regardless of the number of readers in the system. When an alarm occurs, the Access Control system immediately transmits a signal to the control unit.

Alarm Monitoring can be provided by access control, for either supervised or unsupervised inputs. Two, four, and eight card readers can be connected through a single RS-485 two-wire bus.

Here are some of the Access Control we offer in our installations:

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